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Where Your Home is Unique, just like YOU.

Meet John Clermont, the driving force behind Unique Home Inspections Inc. Here, we empower every home buyer with the knowledge and confidence needed to make well-informed decisions about their investment. Our mission is to alleviate concerns about potential unseen

issues that could impact your future home.

Our specialized home inspection service is tailored to identify critical areas, focusing on the most significant aspects of your prospective home. This approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation that is realistic and informative.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes from knowing all of the facts. Our thorough inspections enable you to proceed with your purchase with full confidence, backed by clear and detailed insights. Trust Unique Home Inspections Inc. to be your guide in making a secure and well-informed real estate investment.

John Clermont

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Your Home is Unique, just like YOU!

Here's our simple process:

Mobile Phone

Call Us Now at 613-859-9373

Step 1:

Home Entrance

Step 2:

Schedule a comprehensive home inspection with our experienced professionals


Receive an immediate,

on-site, thorough report during your appointment, detailing any issues found and the steps to resolve them on the spot.

Step 3:

Call Us Today to Book Your Inspection!

John Clermont


Why Choose Us?

"After using the service of J.C. with the purchase of my 1st rental property some years ago, I have had NO need to look to anyone else to do the inspection on any other purchases of my investment properties - rental or personal home. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable and thorough. You will even receive a complementary package which includes all of his findings and suggestions that he would have noted on site should you have the need to reference to it.  He's GOOD."

- Rosie M.

Ottawa, Ontario

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